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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Going so well

As poetic as it would be to leave that last post as my last post, there are still things out there to say.

I didn't want to leave everyone hanging as to how Melia has been now that she's home.  Let me just say that of the 4 children I have, this little girl has been the most delightful and easiest baby during the "first week home".  She doesn't fit any adoption book or story that I've ever heard of.

We've had no issues at night time.  She'll eat anything.  She loves everyone.  She OBEYS mom and I.  (Seriously, what kind of a 1 year old.... that speaks Chinese.... obeys their parents instruction?).  All I have to say is "No-No Melia" and she'll back off of whatever she's doing and move onto something else.

She's not a "grabby" baby, so we haven't really had to baby proof things.  She's not a "oral" baby that sticks everything in her mouth, so again, all the little toys that we've accumulated get to stay on the floor.  (sigh)

An additional bonus is that the other kids seem to like her and have had no problem adjusting either.  Huge blessing!  If anything, they seem to have matured a bit and everybody wants to help out.  A special shout out to Hallie for being such an amazing big sister.

The only one who seems to having to tough go of it is our dog.... of all people.  She has started a "chewing rebellion" that has resulted in many toys being destroyed throughout our house.

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