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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More stuff

A few more things to add:

Our last 3 years of 1040's (to make sure we have enough money)
A picture of the whole family (to make sure we're pretty enough?)
A picture of the outside of our house (to make sure I've raked the leaves.... and put up Christmas lights)

Our homestudy should start within a few weeks.

1 comment:

Lynette said...

Me again (I just introduced myself and left a comment under "timeline") I just have to laugh at this post of yours. When reviewing the initial requests from Holt I did think to myself, "do we have a current pic of me and Kev together? Does our engagement photo shoot from three and half years ago count as current...or am I reaching?" and then when I got to the house part I thought about how awful our yard looks after the crazy winter we just had, the grass is so sad, and even the little wooden number has fallen off of the house by the front door...we really are nice people with a nice home, but the words here paint a sad picture, I just hope the actual photo looks much better...LOL!! Time to go buy some pretty spring flowers and spruce up our sweet little cottage by the sea for a lovely portrait. See that, it is already sounding much, much better.